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Perfect Timing

  Awkward is as Awkward does... The occasional awkward situation is familiar for most and usually met with a laugh or strained silence. If you like to joke around, then those situations increase  exponentially.  Open mouth, insert foot, or in my case, shove the whole damn leg down there. Because after it becomes awkward, I make it more awkward by trying to explain the awkward thing I just said.  Bravo! I'm bowing for a standing ovation while the crowd is fleeing for the doors.  My handling of the awkward situation was much better when I was a kid. Standing there, looking stupid, and waiting for the moment to pass wasn't a bad strategy. I was a natural at the 'playing dumb' thing.  Case in point, I was twelve and not at all interested in dating when a boy asked if I wanted to go with him. I replied, "Where?" The awkward situation was created and then promptly averted in a single word.  That same year, a different boy insisted I play a horrendous game by the nam

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